Vegas, Baby! | Nevada



Look: Top – LOFT // Bottom – Gap // Jacket – Hong Kong // Shoes – Carlos Santana // Handbag – Kate Spade

A trip in a trip.

A spur of the moment trip to Vegas brought me here, to the Bellagio. The Chinese New Year exhibit was still up, and it was absolutely grand. It’s really nothing compared to the celebration I experience a few years back in Malaysia, but it was still a lovely interpretation of this Lunar New Year. This was my first time in Vegas, and I definitely had some mixed feelings about it. I don’t really see the hype and excitement over the casinos, but maybe it is just something that completely does not interest me. I know I would have enjoyed some shows, but since this was a last minute trip, we just did some shopping and eating, as usual. I’m hoping I’ll go back again with some friends in a few years to get the full Vegas experience. I loved seeing the entire strip lit up and packed. It was nothing that I didn’t already expect, but it was so lively and fun just being in the environment.

Spontaneity is always fun. ♡

Walking on a Dream, Rodeo Drive | California

DSC03287-1 DSC03365-1 DSC03461-1

Look: Top – LOFT // Cardigan – Macy’s // Bottom: J Brand // Shoes – Tory Burch // Handbag – Kate Spade // Watch – Burberry

Absolute Luxury

My favorite thing about California is the palm trees that line the streets. If you stand at the start of Rodeo Drive, you’ll see a beautiful line of palm trees all the way down, gracing the forefront of every designer store imaginable. I love when stores have their own unique face on the building. I love that the representation of their theme or brand extends beyond their products. Although it’s obvious that at the designer level, they’re trying to sell an experience with their products. Even so, everything was still so lovely and quaint. I’ll be adding pictures from Rodeo Drive to my photography page as I get more time to unwind and back into the school mode!

After Rodeo Drive, I had In N Out for the very first time. I’d have to admit I was a little bit disappointed because I most definitely had my bar set high, but nonetheless, it was good. The animal fries? Better. In N Out was a quick stop on our way to Santa Monica beach and pier. I really missed walking on sandy beaches and just watching the waves flow in and out. Living along Lake Michigan doesn’t cut it, especially when you can’t go outside and enjoy it. I had never seen a beach with gymnastics rings. It was always just one of those things I only saw in TV or in movies, but it would be awesome if Chicago beaches could get them too.

Almost forgot, we saw Wiz Khalifa’s car at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel!!! But not a glimpse of Wiz himself.

A day full of impeccable beauty and hopeful luxury. 

Little Tokyo + Hollywood Blvd | California

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Look: Top – LOFT // Bottom – Gap // Shoes – Tory Burch // Handbag – Kate Spade

Don’t be deceived, I am indeed a tourist.

California was really not as warm as I had hoped. For the beginning portion of our week in the LA area, it was chilly and averaged to 50 degrees. Every bone in my body wanted to only pack shorts and t-shirts, but good thing I didn’t I suppose. Sweater weather is the best weather, isn’t it?

We started off our Sunday morning the right way, with family and dim sum. There are very few places left, at least in Chicago, that still roll around carts of food for dim sum, asking each table what they would like. I really prefer that style of serving much more because it just provides such great atmosphere. (I’m also picky and like to look at everything before I commit to an order.) Nonetheless, delicious. Post food-coma, we went over to little Tokyo, which was most definitely little. It seemed to only be a few blocks wide with not much to see, just restaurants. I found this amazing flowery fence there and thought, “why not photo-op?” As if me jumping out of my car to take pictures in front of a fence wasn’t screaming tourist, we headed over to Hollywood Boulevard next. We took a million and one pictures and just walked through the light rain. For those of you who are more than likely wondering, no, I did not see my star on the sidewalk… yet.

Black and gold is my favorite combination. 

Landing | California

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Look:  Top – LOFT // Bottom – J Brand // Jacket – Bought somewhere in Hong Kong, long ago // Shoes – Carlos Santana // Handbag – Kate Spade

Spring Break: Chronicles of an Over-Packer

I’ve traded exams and cold weather for boba and sunshine! Considering the last time I went to California is an experience I was too young to remember, it’s time I paid it a visit. My family and I went for a quick 6-day vacation, that being said, I decided to tightly pack my carry-on luggage to avoid checking in a bag. Fitting 6 days into a carry on is a true feat, especially coming from the queen of chronic over packing. Essentially, the light packing led to this outfit. I’m not exactly sure if I love the look, but I decided to wear my thickest and most space-consuming items (mainly the jeans and shoes). So here’s how I packed for the week:

  • Tops: 6 Tops | 2 Sweaters | 2 Cardigans | 1 T-shirt
  • Bottoms: 2 Skirts | 2 Pair of shorts| 1 Pair of leggings | 1 Romper
  • Accessories: 2 Scarves
  • Shoes: 1 Pair of Flats | 1 Pair of Sandals
  • Misc.: 10 Pairs of Underwear | 2 Makeup bags | Toiletries

With such a small luggage, I still over packed and didn’t even get a chance to wear all that I brought. I always pack my suitcase by folding a piece of clothing, then rolling it. It truly saves a ton of space. Everything else that you may think I would have needed to bring was in my “Personal” carry-on bag.

How do you dress when you’ve got limited space and a plane ride ahead of you? Oh, and here’s a lesson: Avoid wearing anything with a heel when running through the airport at 6am…

As for the first day of my trip itself, we didn’t do much. We got drove around, got lost, and got dinner with family.

Don’t forget to cuff your jeans with your booties! 

Weathered Leather

DSC02523-1 DSC02739-1 DSC02813

Look: Top – GAP // Bottom – GAP // Coat – LOFT // Shoes – Vince Camuto // Scarf – LOFT


Despite the harsh and snowy winter, my leather boots never get a rest. These have been a top player for the last three or four years and they are clearly beaten up. The soft leather doesn’t help my cause, because it’s wrinkling and falling. Regardless, I’ll still be wearing these until the day they fall apart. I absolutely love to pair my brown boots with maroon, which in my opinion is the most flattering color. While darker and more subtle than red, it beats black by a long shot. Everyone seems to claim that black is the most flattering color, but I often find it too dark to accentuate anything in particular. That’s not to say that I don’t love my fair share of black. When it comes to a dark color palette, maroon is just a fun and brighter option (that I own way too much of).

I actually wear maroon because sometimes red is too hard.