Coral Affiliation

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Today’s Look:

 Romper: Black Lace Romper – Tobi

Shoes: Farleena Sandal – BCBG Paris

Handbag: Coral Crossbody – The Limited

Accessories: Silver Bracelet (925) – Mosaic

Today’s Thoughts:

Undefeated Appreciation

MIA for one month and I’ve felt lost. It’s hard to become so detached to what you come to consider a “job”. On the flipside, at least school is going well! I think that a majority of the time, everyone is having their own ups and downs, and I’ve had my fair share while I’ve stepped away from the computer and put down my camera. Midterms are coming to an end, thankfully, and I’m getting a schedule pretty down pat. I’ve learned something extremely important to me, though. It’s so easy to feel defeated with stress, and life in general. I guess I’m making this post mostly to thank the people around me. A thank you to everyone who keeps me smiling from ear to ear. A thank you to everyone who keeps me standing on my feet. A thank you to everyone who gives me the opportunities to see the glass half full. A thank you to everyone in my life, from the daily “hello!” to the hugs goodbye. It may come off like I’m writing this because something bad has happened, and nothing has. I just think I, and maybe a lot of others, should show my appreciation more and thank the people who make me who I am. I hope that I’m the backbone to all my friends on their gloomy days or even just the smile to start off their day! Thank you everyone!

Smile so hard that your cheeks begin to hurt. 

Life on the Lake

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Today’s Look:

Top: Tie Back Crop Top – RACHEL Rachel Roy

Bottom: Lace Shorts – Sans Souci

Shoe: Sandals – Dolce Vita

Handbag: Saffiano Mini Satchel in Leather – Coach

Accessories: Silver Bracelet (925) – Mosaic

Today’s Thoughts:


Here’s a view from my humble abode and apartment for the year! THE LAKE! Coming home to the sight of beach waves and sounds everyday after class is all I need to get through the year, until winter freezes over of course. As for now, workload is light and spirits are high. My professors have already shared their passions and interesting articles with us and I must admit, some have been truly inspiring. It’s amazing to see someone so in love with their jobs and passionate about what they’re doing. I hope that I can find myself at that point somewhere down the line in my life. I really hope it’s going to be a medium between my love for blogging/fashion and the business world. I wish more people fueled their passions and chased their dreams on a regular basis. Success should never be a factor in this chase because I’ve learned through my blogging experience that whether I’m successful or not, I love doing what I do and I’m having fun–the golden recipe to happiness. If you’re not doing what you love or studying what you love, I beg you do something that will keep you smiling until you’re old and gray!

Find your fire and fuel it to no end. 

Casual Transition

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Today’s Look:

Top: White T-shirt – Delia’s

Bottom: Green Khaki Shorts – Gap

Shoes: Open-Toe Booties – Crown Vintage

Handbag: Coach Wristlet – Coach

Accessories: Silver Bracelet (925) – Mosaic

Statement Necklace – Forever 21

Today’s Thoughts:


How do you prepare for the fall when you’re going back to school, yet it’s still warm out? I’m addicted to green, so naturally, I’m gonna pair my summer outfits with a touch of fall green! When the seasons change, I like to keep the style the same, but change my color palette to accommodate the next season. Soon I’ll be packing away my shorts and exchanging my opened-toe booties with closed-toe booties. In my opinion, summer and fall are the two best seasons. Seasons where fashion is truly optimized. The lighting is always beautiful and I want to spend most of my time outside soaking up the summer sun or breathing in the fall air. Anyways, in the end, who cares about what colors and styles you wear. If you really love your outfit, then go for it because there isn’t, and will never be, a bible for how you express your style and what you really feel great in!

Everyone still loves stepping on the crunchy leaves. Truth. 


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Making Statements

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Today’s Look:

Top: Oversized Top – Gap

Bottom: Floral High Waisted Shorts – Forever 21

Shoes: Fuschia Pumps – Enzo Angiolini

Handbag: Michael Kors Wallet – Michael Kors

Accessories: Silver Bracelent (925) – Mosaic

Mint Bracelet – Loft

Today’s Thoughts:

A Reflection

In exactly one week, I’ll be starting my first day of sophomore year and summer will be over. Figured I’d make a post in a very summery outfit before the sunshine fades and leaves begin to fall. With a dwindling 4 days to pack and hang out with friends, you can bet that I’ve been reflecting on the last year and the changes. I don’t think anyone is ever ready for the changes they experience after the first year of college. The summers are slow. Everyone you want to see has schedules that vary in unreal magnitudes from your own and seeing your best friends almost becomes a rare occasion. People grow and people change and time is of the essence. I’ve ultimately learned to value and prioritize what’s truly important. College, during school session, or summer vacation, is the time to mold your entire future, which obviously means putting your social life on the back burner. Everything you do can either be taken as a stepping stone, or left as wasted time and space. It’s time to move forward.

3 cheers to sophomore year 




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Summer’s Best Friend: The Romper






Today’s Look:

Romper: Tribal Romper – B Jewel

Shoes: Silver Sandals – Bandolino

Handbag: Silver Purse – Merona

Accessories: Silver Bracelet (925) – Mosaic

Light Blue Bangle – Coach

Dark Blue Bangle – Coach

Necklace – Style & Co.

Today’s Thoughts:

The Logistics?

Rompers are super cute, but the logistics just make no sense. Who created the idea of a romper or playsuit? A dress with shorts that make it extremely hard to use the restroom, or just to change in general. Sometimes I really think it’s a devil in disguise, but we do it for the love of fashion. The logistics really aren’t even my main qualm on rompers. I think rompers, or actually all clothes in general, should be required to make a petite/short size. Fun-sized people like me would love to have more options when it comes to shopping for clothes and I’m no stranger to trying on a shirt that looks more like a dress, or jeans that cover my feet. This romper took forever to find me because every other romper I’ve come across until now just looked like a giant mess. Please send help on my search for non-logistical rompers!!

Petite  Fun Sized 


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